I.T. Services

At the U.S. Federal level of government entities, ARCANUM is has multiple direct certifications and registrations to permit either Prime, Set-Aside or Sub-Consultant contract procurement opportunities.

Federal Certifications and Registrations attained include following:
 • Central Contractor Registration (BPN CCR) = Active
 • E-GOV - Integrated Acquisitions Environment (IAE)
   Online Representations & Certifications Application (ORCA) = Completed
 • FDIC Contractor Resource List (CRL) = Listed

Federal Certifications and Registrations currently in-progress or under application include:
 • Department of Veteran Affairs -- VSOB Form 0877 Submitted
 • Small Business Administration -- SDBC (FAR 52.219-22)  Under Application
 • Small Business Administration -- 8(a) Program Under Application
 • GSA Schedule 70 Contract Under Application

ARCANUM has a presence to support Federal projects in the following states:
 » Texas